About Us

I used to buy a magazine called “Zov“, for nature lovers. I was a pigeon fancier and while I was reading the magazine I saw some beautiful dogs in it which really caught my attention. Actually those were dogs of the Doberman breed and little by little I became more and more interested in this breed of dogs. Watching a film “The Boys from Brazil” I was amazed by the obedience and elegance of the dogs so I decided to get myself the Doberman for a pet. I must say that it wasn’t easy to get a puppy of this breed because I wanted to have the best one. I visited a couple of dog shows to see Dobermans in action.
At the same time I was reading books about these beautiful and intelligent dogs in order to get to know them better. I was lucky to find the books of the best males and females Doberman dogs in the world. I mostly liked the dogs from Ferohajn ( Gvendolin) , Nirlestam, Frankenhorst ( Dexter ), Diaspora, Nordenstam, (Kalina & Mia). In my opinion Dobermans from the Netherlands were the best at that time. I started looking for those bloodlines in my country. I was so happy when I found out that the Belko family imported Ida Isac Von Diaspora and Tea Ferohajn and in 1985 Karmel Kesia von Diaspora too, which I saw in the magazine “ Zov “ when it was a little puppy. After three years of researching these dogs I decided to get the puppy from Karmel Kesia Von Diaspora even though Tea Ferohajn was a bit prettier in my opinion. I decided to visit “Royal Bell” kennel which was one of the best dog kennels at that time. Even though I didn’t have enough money to buy the puppy, which costed 1000 DM( Deutsche Mark ), I contacted the Belko family and arranged a meeting since they had a brood of puppies from Karmela. On Saturday morning I went to the train station on foot which was six kilometres far for may home. When I got to the station at the ticket office they literally didn’t want to sell me the ticket because of the bad weather. It was -30 C and the train was late for four hours. I insisted on buying a ticket and at 6 a.m. the train finally arrived and my journey to Zagreb, Croatia started. During the trip I was chatting with some nice people and they couldn’t believe that I was travelling to Croatia just to buy a pet in such a cold weather.
After five hours of travelling I arrived to Zagreb and went to see the Belko family. The family had a café near their house and I asked the waiter to tell them that I arrived. Soon Mr Belko came to say hello and told me to have a juice and to wait for him a bit. I was waiting for almost an hour when Mr Belko finally arrived. He told me that I wouldn’t be able to see the puppies because they had just been vaccinated. I was quite disappointed because the deal was to see the dogs and choose one for me. I was persistent because I didn’t want to give up now and managed to persuade him to allow me to see the puppies. I forgot about all the obstacles when I saw a lot of trophies, diplomas and photos of the dogs in the living room. I finally had a chance to see and to cuddle Ida Isac and Tea and the feeling was amazing. Later Mr Belko showed me Karmela and Ida Isac’s puppies. I was delighted with the look and how well they were nurtured. When I left the home of the Belko family I was happy and full of nice impressions.
 I also told my friends about my trip to Zagreb. One of them was Bane who was the owner of Ida Isac’s daughter. When I told my friends that I was delighted by the dogs and that I would definitely buy Karmel’s puppy, but knowing my situation, they laughed and did not believe I could achieve it. In 1989 I saved some money and gave down payment of 500 DM for the female puppy from the combination of Hargos van het Wantij and Karmel Kesia Von Diaspora. But Karmel didn’t stay pregnant. In the meanwhile Esmir Royal Bell became world champion so Mr Belko raised the price from 1000 DM to 1.500 DM. I knew that in wasn’t easy to get the puppy from Mr Belko’s kennel because of the tough competition. I was a bit worried if I would be able to buy one but with lots of negotiation Mr Belko eventually agreed to sell me the puppy for 1000 DM. In August 1989 Karmel Kesie gave birth to thirteen puppies. I saw them for the first time when they were five weeks old. Twelve puppies were alike except one female which was quite smaller than the others. On October 4th 1989 I went with two friends to get my puppy. Before we arrived to the Belko’s family home they advised me not to buy the smallest one. I told them them that I won’t give up even if he offers me that one. When we arrived I gave Mr Belko the rest of the money and we went to the place where the puppies were. The one puppy in a knitted basket was waiting for me. When I took it I realised that it was the smallest puppy of all and I felt emotional. Its name was Hilda Royal Bel. I took the puppy in another room where the ears of the dogs were cropped. A vet who was doing the cropping was my acquaintance. He asked me why I chose that small puppy. I told him that it wasn’t my choice but Mr Belko’s. When an anesthesia was about to be given to my dog the vet asked how heavy the dog was and Mr Belko said that it had 7 kg and after a tight conversation between the two of them, the anesthesia was given to the dog. When the vet asked for the length of the ears that I want for the dog, I said I wanted longer ears. Mr Belko commented that it was a bad idea but I said that it is my dog now and I want it to have longer ears. After the cropping was finished we went back home. I was so emotional and I almost started crying. During our trip my friends told me that I shouldn’t have taken the smallest puppy but I only hoped that my puppy would be alive and kicking. When I got home I put the dog on the scale and it weighted 5.5 kilograms. I followed Hilda’s progress for a year and I took notes about it in my notebook. From the first day to the last Hilda slept in our house and shared the good and the bad with me and my family. From such a small female puppy she grew into a beautiful dog of very good nature. I spent long hours with her. I fed and trained her. Soon I started taking her to dog shows. She usually won the second or third place, but not the first, but I didn’t give up. At the dogs show in Mol on May 12th 1991 Hilda won CAC and the award for Best of Breed. In summer 1991 for the first time she was mated with a male called BrinRoyal Bell and with Brin she had her first brood of eight puppies In 1993 I founded a kennel by the name ‘ The Best Line ’FCI 3361. The kennel got its name thanks to Bosancic Zeljko who suggested me three names and I chose ‘ The Best Line’. In 1994 ‘The Best Line’ was the best kennel two times at PSIDO Speciality Doberman show in Pancevo and DERBY Speciality Doberman Show in Belgrade. I mated Hilda with Baron Nike Renewal, Lord Loblo Want Hej Wantij, Judifax Fanthomas, Jagor Royal Bell, Nemesis Feo von Koepsel and two times with Larson Royal Bell.
The most beautiful dogs Hilda had with Larson Royal Bell. Those were Belona, Bambi, Bonita The Best Line. I chose Bambi for further breeding and I mated her with Bagzi Ginga House. Next year she mated with the best male of all times called Baron Nike Renewal. From that combination I got an outstanding brood. From that brood I chose Irma The Best Line for further breeding. With Irma I got an unplanned brood because she matted by accident with Jambo The Best Line and she gave birth to Lana and Landa The Best Line. I had great cooperation with some kennels from Germany and from that cooperation I got Sato The Best Line, Saly The Best Line, Orson Orlando The Best Line, Pebbles The Best Line and many more. Unfortunately that cooperation costed me more than I could imagine. In 2001 I sent Bambi The Best Line to mate with Shogun Von Roveline and at the same time I sent her daughter Irma The Best Line to Germany to training classes for ZTP at Mario Fridrih and Sitke Tilack. Unfortunately Bambi The Best Line has never returned home. In April 13th 2002 Irma The Best Line passed ZTP exam at the judge Dr G. Schueler in Berlin. She was the first female in Serbia with the passed ZTP exam. On 2nd July 2002 Lanbo The Best Line with his owner Silke Tilack made a great success and became DV jugend sieger!!! In the meanwhile in Jun 2002 I bought a black female Ira Ginga House, a daughter of Escobar Casa di Oz and Ginga Sawages . Ginga Sawages was a daughter of Heidy Royal Bell and a sister of my Hilda Royal Bell. In November 2002 I got married. My wife Gordana brought her German Shepard Arči and a Lasa Apso female: Selma Chontaveier Totya. In februar 2003 Irma got home but in a very bad condition. She didn’t lose weigh but her ears had fallen down and the hair was really bad. One of the biggest events in my life was in April 2003 when my daughter Katarina was born. In the same year Ira Ginga House had two brood of puppies with Baron Nike Renewal and Irma The Best Line with Cilian Connor v. Jahrestal.
On September 25th 2003 there was only one brown puppy, Karnah The Best Line. I often say that it was the puppy that Europe hasn’t seen yet. In July 2005 another greatest event happened for me and my wife. It was the birth of our son Marko. On May 20th 2006 in Vienna, Karnah The Bes Line passed ZTP exam at the judge R. Killmaier. Next that happend was that I mated Irma with the same male and Ira Ginga House with Rui Manuel del Rio Bianco and later with Come as you are Linus, the son of Cillian Conor. The last Irma’s puppies were with Cillian Conor V. Jahrestal in September 2007. She had three puppies than but unfortunately only one of them left, Mia The Best Line, but it was enough to keep old bloodline ,the most beautiful one with the best guality, with the most amazing head, long necks with noble face expression, with parallel lines of the head and exceptional nature. I would like to get Doberman with the head of Larson Royal Bell and the body of Baron Nike Renewal. I know that it is almost impossible, but I never give up. I’m a fighter.

God looked at me! The Barbulović family entered our lives with a male from our kennel, Apollon Brumer The Best Line. Thanks to the Barbulović family, the kennel is rising from the ashes and we are continuing towards new victories by breeding together!!! Let’s move on…


Boža Lalić with family Barbulović